40 Years in the Printing Business: 1981-Today

1981-1982 – Another recessionary period to live through. It’s good to look back and remember that hard times pass and good times follow. Sheriar Press continues to build its reputation as a high quality four color printer in Myrtle Beach. We begin to outgrow our palatial 4000 sq. ft. facilty and the limitations of our beloved KORDs. Did you know ink needs time to dry?

We start looking for a new location to build a bigger and better production facility. We approach our friends at Myrtle Beach Farms (now Burroughs & Chapin Company) and ask for their help in finding the right spot for our new plant. They come through like true champions.

1983 – Sheriar Press constructs and moves into a new 24,000 sq. ft. facility on the recently completed Highway 17 Bypass. At the time there is pretty much no one else in the neighborhood except The Sun News. Today we are basically across the street from Broadway at the Beach and in the middle of some of the best commercial real estate in the Myrtle Beach area. Thank you, Myrtle Beach Farms. You done good by us.

1984 – Apple introduces the first Mac. Sheriar has been a MAC shop since the git-go. The printing industry is in the early stages of technology moving into the hands of its customers. The expertise of how best to use it, though, remains an area where we can help people get the best possible results from their printing company.

1985 – We install our first 4-color Komori Press. Cindy Ziegler and Doug Myers join Sheriar Press. They’re still key members of the Sheriar Press team and part of what makes Sheriar the high performance printing company it is today.

1988 – Trish Sports joins Sheriar Press as a customer service representative. Today she is our General Manager. Feisty and fearless, Trish never backs down from meeting a challenge head-on.

1989 – The one and only Sam Kinon becomes a part of the Sheriar Press sales team. He is new to the printing business but not to sales. He builds a strong relationship with clients like AVX and McLeod that are still key Sheriar clients more than twenty years later.
A tad on the irreverant side, Sam never tires of reminding us that we were the ones foolish enough to hire him in the first place.

1991 – As a green young man who doesn’t know any better, Patrick Cassidy begins his position as a helper in the Sheriar Press pressroom. Today he leads our pressroom in delivering more award winning printing work than any other printer in the state of South Carolina. And he’s been consistently doing that year after year. Patrick is a great pressman. And a great guy.

1992 – Filling out Sheriar’s ace backcourt, Danny Brady joins Patrick in the Sheriar pressroom. After many years of graciously working the night shift, Danny’s patience is rewarded and he is able to move to the day shift. Working side by side with Patrick, Danny has also been an invaluable contributor to all of the award winning printing work that Sheriar has been turning out year after year.

1994 – The NBA All Star Game is played in Charlotte. Sheriar Press prints the programs.
Just a little deadline pressure on that one. Still have a box of those bad boys stashed away.

1997 – Damon Crespino leaves the Raleigh area and adds his professionalism and design-side expertise to the Sheriar Press sales force. Damon begins building a loyal client base with a concentration on publishing and ad agency clients.

Sheriar upgrades its printing capabilities by adding a 5-color Komori to its pressroom.

1998-2000 – Sheriar wins 93 PICA awards. Little do we know that we are just at the beginning of an avalanche of PICA awards that will go on for more than a decade. From 2000-2010, Sheriar Press will win more than 400 PICA awards, making it by far the most award winning printing company in the state of South Carolina.

2001 – If the assassination of JFK marked the seminal “I’ll never forget where I was” moment for the baby boomer generation, September 11, 2001 was that moment come again for virtually all of us. The nature of our world, our sense of safety, the place of business in our priorities all came into a different focus. That attack on our country was a game-changer that we are still struggling with as a nation but it left us all better prepared not to take life or our loved ones for granted.

2002 – Along with 51 PICA awards, Sheriar wins 4 Premier Print awards in a prestigious national printing competition sponsored annually by The Printing Industries of America.

2003 – Sheriar Press wins 7 national Premier Print awards including a Benny, its most prestigious award designation. Along with 37 PICA awards, it’s been a good year for recognition as one of the region’s highest quality printing companies.

Judy Springs joins the Sheriar Press sales force and immediately takes all the credit for Sheriar’s outstanding national printing award performance.

2004 – Sheriar wins the Gutenberg award for Most Best of Category awards in the annual PICA printing competition. Along with 43 total awards, Sheriar Press continues to gain recognition from industry experts for the high quality of its printing production.

2005 – With 45 total PICA Awards, Sheriar Press repeats as winner of the Gutenberg award defying all the Vegas oddsmakers who said it couldn’t be done.

And, oh yes, we fly to Toronto to look at a 6-color Komori in excellent condition. Like so many business trips, we don’t get to see the city at all. We do get a see a lot of presses. They smell all clean. We buy the press and have loved it ever since.

2006 – With 3 national printing awards and 34 PICA awards, Sheriar Press continues to bring home the gold to its printing clients, many of whom are design firms and ad agencies that can then turn around and brag to their clients as well.

2007 – Sheriar wins the Gutenberg award for the third time in four years. Talent scouts from other teams begin lurking in our parking lot. Fortunately, working for a printing company in Myrtle Beach trumps all those big city temptations. After all, we do have a picnic lunch on the beach pretty much every day

2008 – Sheriar Press acquires its first digital press. Recognizing the increasingly digitally centric world we live in, Sheriar begins to configure its capabilities to fulfill variable data and multi-channel campaigns for its customers. Sheriar wins 34 including three for digital printing.

 2009 – Along with the rest of the country, Sheriar Press begins to dig into recovering from the financial meltdown in the fall of 2008. We learn again the lesson that fear is never a helpful emotion and that courage and creativity can overcome almost any obstacle. With 35 PICA awards including six for digital printing, we end the year in high style.

 2010 – With 4 national printing awards and 44 PICA awards including five for digital printing, Sheriar Press maintains its longstanding streak as one of the Carolina’s best performing printing companies. This continues to break the mold of what people expect to find from a printer in Myrtle Beach.

 2011 – So, here’s the thing. Each fall the printing companies that enter the PICA Awards competition find out how they did but aren’t allowed to tell anybody until the evening of the actual Awards banquet. This year that is March 3rd. Let’s just say, though, that we’re looking forward to that evening.

 2012 – Reflecting its increased concentration on digital marketing solutions, Sheriar rolls out a new brand platform: Think. Forward. Along with a new logo and a new website, Sheriar launches Sheriar Digital with a special emphasis on creative products and multi-channel campaigns.